Bathroom Cabinet Painting

Bathroom vanity cabinet painting

Sunset cabinet finishing offers affordable Bathroom Cabinet Painting services for Cherokee County Georgia.

Before we painted the bathroom vanity in woodstock

So here is the old white bathroom cabinet vanity before we painted it.

This is what the vanity looks like AFTER bathroom cabinet painting woodstock ga

Here it is after we cleaned, sanded, primed and repainted the bath vanity. It looks like a brand new cabinet doesn’t it?

Commonly asked questions.

Do you need special paint for bathroom cabinets?

Alkyd-based paint is the finest choice for bathroom cabinets. This cures to a highly durable finish (much like oil-based paints! ), which is ideal for high-traffic areas. Oil-based paints are becoming less popular. Latex paints are now just as good as oil paints and are much easier to work with! Talk to your cabinet refinisher.


Can you paint a bathroom wall cabinet?

Acrylic enamel paint and alkyd paint are the most popular choices for bathroom cabinets. Acrylic paints, sometimes known as water-based paints, are low-fume and easy to clean up with water. Because alkyd, or oil-based, paints contain solvents that can irritate your lungs and make you sick, they require sufficient ventilation.


Should bathroom cabinets be semi-gloss or satin?

Semi-gloss is the ideal finish for painting cabinets. It offers optimum durability and is perfect for locations with a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms and basements.


Do you have to sand bathroom cabinets before painting?

Before you begin your how to paint kitchen cabinet endeavor, sand the cabinets to ensure that the fresh paint has a solid hold. You don’t have to sand the board down to bare wood, though. Sand lightly using 120-grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge if your cabinets have a factory finish. Your cabinet painting contractor will remove the doors and do this at his shop. This means that there will be only some sanding required for the sides of the cabinet frame and the face.