How to save money on kitchen make-over

How to save money on kitchen make-over in Woodstock Ga

This young couple wanted a kitchen makeover to get their dream kitchen.

However, the couple was quoted £7,000 for a new kitchen but were unable to afford it due to their limited budget for their new home’s improvements.

What to do?

Instead, the shrewd pair took on the job themselves, taking advantage of Amazon, B&Q, and Wickes offers to create a lovely, modern kitchen for under £1,300.

This included:

  • Painting their existing cabinets black.
  • Adding new cabinet hardware.
  • Buying a new countertop on closeout.
  • Having family help with the plumbing.
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This means you can do it to.

Kitchen Makeover Ideas

But what if you are not a handyman that enjoys a DIY kitchen project.

This is where we can help.

  1. Imagine choosing the perfect new kitchen cabinet paint colors….
  2. Then having a kitchen refinishing expert take your cabinet doors off and bring them to their paint shop.
  3. Then see them return and install the freshly painted doors with your new door knob hardware.
  4. Save thousands of dollars on your kitchen makeover by using your old cabinets.

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