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Looking for kitchen reno ideas in Woodstock, Ga?

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Kitchen remodeling can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. These Kitchen reno tips may be exactly what you are looking for.

In this story a young couple was already making improvements before the virus struck and their town was put on lockdown. “It was fortunate that the nook was erected the day before the stay-at-home directives took effect,” she says. “Thank god,” says the narrator, “since we had demoed it ourselves just a few weeks before.” They opted to speed up the process with reasonable updates once they were hunkered down.

The previous kitchen’s design was not inherently flawed; it was merely old fashioned. “While we loved the layout and all of the storage,” she explained, “the oak cabinets and dark countertops looked a touch old.” – Source

So what did they do?

  • They painted their old cabinets.
  • They removed a section of their old cabinetry and added shelving instead.
  • They opted for a new range hood they purchased and installed.
  • They bought an epoxy marbelizing kit and made their old countertops look like new marble countertops.

Can you do this yourself?

Of course you can. However, the more important question is do you have the time and experience to do so?

Why not hire a professional cabinet refinisher to make your cabinets look amazing? It is the most affordable way to get a kitchen reno in Woodstock Ga. Call us for a free estimate today!


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